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Now, we offer

From December, 3-rd:

The First Set of Enamelware especially designed for Babies: ''BEBE''

It comprises: one lid saucepan, one lid casserole, one little porringer, one bowl, one saucer.

BEBE is the most healthy solution to cook and serve your baby food in.

Enamel is the zero hazard degree material for your child's health no matter what temperature food is cooked at. It is completely inert, enamel being practically a glass highly coated metal  a bowl is made of.
BEBE is the most efficient solution to cook and serve your baby food thus assuring them permanently fresh food which all nourishing substances are kept into.
A small size saucepan inside which you can boil exactly as many vegetables as you need for a soup or for mashes allows you to have in permanence the food frehsly prepared and in the amount required. In larger pots you must add more water to boil a same amount of vegetables or fruits and, as you may know, vitamins are lost in water although they are so necessary for babies’ harmonious nurture. Moreover, by covering the BEBE pot with the related lid, you will braise vegetables, chicken meat or fish, fruits, into a little quantity of water which procedure keeps all nourishing substances in the food you are preparing.
The small size casserole allows you to prepare exactly as much mash as a baby needs for one meal, thus offering them each time freshly prepared edibles. In larger casseroles the baby’s mash will have to be prepared into larger quantities so that to allow the boiled ingredients to be passed and mixed, an amount of which they only can eat but very few on the spot , while the remainder is to be kept in the fridge.
BEBE is the economical solution to cook your baby's food.
Preparing the food in BEBE kitchen ustensils you will make very few thermal power consumption as you can prepare very little amounts of food, that is exactly  how much your baby needs for a fresh meal.
BEBE is the most attractive solution to serve food to your baby.  
We have purposely created warm, original colours and cute adornments to serve the food in.
Be the creative originator of an enamelware set designed for your baby!
We expect your suggestions in the development of this set. Should you have noticed your baby would prefer a certain colour, or should you like another kind of adornments, then we are ready to adopt them immediately. You would like some chearful little animals to appear on the enamelware, in order for you to tell your baby a tale about whenever they eat? Or maybe some characters from fairy tales? Or, say, you wish you had a enamelware set customized with your baby's name? You are kindly asked to write us on our address: and within maximum a fortnight you will receive one of such set with the colour or the setting of your choice. Against some 10% to 30% extra money depending on the complexity of the wished design to add to the displayed price, you can have any chromatic or setting customizing of our BEBE set of enamelware.

Give the most beautiful and useful present to your relatives' or friends' families with babies!
Find out what colours the parents would prefer for their baby and this will be the very colour for your purchased enamelware. Customize the set with the baby's name or another setting you think suited and in at most a fortnight  we will deliver the set to you exactly as you like it in order to offer it as a present. You don’t need to pay off for that but an extra percent within 10% to 30% to add to the displayed price depending on the complexity of the wished design. Will you write us, please, on our adress and describe the set you would like to have.  
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